Careers at Jack Rogers

Our Values: The Expression of Our DNA


Born from a fashion icon, from Capri and Palm Beach, we're proud of almost 60 years of traditional craftsmanship and beautiful products that represent her lifestyle and brighten her day. We take pride in what we've done so far and look forward to what's coming next. As we build our heritage, we will continue to prioritize honesty, design, quality, fit and service as keys to our customer-centric approach.


The world that surrounds us is important. We're attached to our community, our passions, our kindness and how everything - including our shoes - makes us feel. We recognize that we achieve so much more when we work as a team than we do on our own. We value our colleagues and our customers as our trusted friends.


From a day in the city to a laugh with friends, a vibrant pop of colors, or the softness of well-worn leather, life is filled with simple pleasures, meant to be enjoyed. There is endless joy to be gained from accomplishing goals, making innovative choices and forging meaningful, honest connections with colleagues and customers.


Classic and timeless but innovative, with an effortless elegance and eternal optimism, we embrace new possibilities and adventures at every step. We value achievement and a customer-first attitude. We are fearless and open to change, helpful, respectful and always true to our word. 

We’re always looking for great people to join our growing team! If you’re passionate about Jack Rogers and willing to share your personality and talents, take a look at our open positions: